Kia McClain

Shenomenon Story and LinkedIn Profinder Contest Entry

Kia McClain
Shenomenon Story and LinkedIn Profinder Contest Entry


Shenomenon is a merge of two companies, The Write Chick Agency, owned and operated by Kia McClain, and Corporate Snobs, owned and operated by Leah Fairman.  Shenomenon is a growth hacking agency, and corporate training company.  We are currently working with Go Topeka Economic Development, Topeka/Shawnee Parks and Recreation, Topeka Chamber of Commerce, and 712 Innovations to help Topeka to become a tech city that will attract tech companies that will bring jobs and resources to the Topeka area.  

We also hope to inspire tech startups here in the Topeka area as well as innovation within Topeka based companies.  We believe that Topeka can grow to become a disruptive city of real world ideas, resources, collaboration, and innovation that draws people from all over the world.  We believe that no idea is too big and no problem is too small.  Simplicity and a little ingenuity applied to real world problems have created multi-billion dollar leaders in industries that didn't even exist 15 years ago.  Shenomenon not only serves Topeka, but businesses all over the Plains and Midwest region, and even the world.  

The impact we have had our our community includes, being the digital marketing and promotional items agency behind the Remember Rosa Project, and Remember Rosa Committee Members.  Because of our efforts, people heard about the project all over the nation, it even received media coverage outside of Topeka.  Remember Rosa is a celebration of Topeka's rich and diverse history as the site of the Brown v Board Supreme Court decision, and what many call the birth place of the mass civil rights movement that led to the historic march on Washington. 

Additionally, Shenomenon is leading the effort to disrupt the Girl Scouts of NE Kansas and NW Missouri, serving over 32,000 girls and teaching them about technology.  Not only will the girls learn in demand skills such as digital marketing and growth hacking, training opportunities will also be available for the adult staff members and leaders to help attract younger women, and older girls to the organization.  Because of our efforts with the Girl Scouts, Shenomenon's Kia McClain was presented with the Innovation Award at the regional Volunteer Luncheon this September.  

Shenomenon is a Topeka Chamber Member and has also partnered with Go Topeka Economic Development to provide Topeka business owners with the opportunity to learn the skills they need to move their businesses forward in the 21st century.  Shenomenon has been giving workshops at the chamber since 2015, with a focus on helping business owners to learn Google products and other key digital platforms that will help them stay competitive.  Not only that, we keep Topeka businesses in the know about advancing technologies and how they affect their industries.  

Shenomenon's Kia McClain will also be noted in Kansas history as a historic figure due to her latest role with NASA as a social media influencer.  Kia is helping NASA get the word out about it's mission to Mars and ambitions to discover more and explore deep space.  As a NASA Social Media Influencer, Kia is invited to see the behind-the-scenes work NASA is doing to send astronauts to Mars and beyond.  Below you can see Kia on NASA TV asking about advances in quantum computing and harnessing light speed for faster space travel.   

Shenomenon has only operated in the Topeka Kansas area since June 2015, the month Kia and Leah made their partnership official and gave it a name, Shenomenon.  This year, Shenomenon was recognized as the Kansas Minority Business of the Year in the Service Industry by the Kansas Department of Commerce during MED Week.  

We hope that our story inspires business owners everywhere to not only go after their dreams, but also volunteer and make a difference in their communities.  

As a LinkedIn Profinder, Shenomenon is hoping to bring the same amount of innovative ideas, services, and success stories to the platform.  Success is not just a one way road, we all succeed together.  We feel honored that LinkedIn has chosen our agency to serve business owners, entrepreneurs, and even those that simply have an idea they want to get off the ground.  We look forward to carrying on a long and successful history here on LinkedIn as well as in the city of Topeka!  And now for the newest chapter of the Shenomenon story on LinkedIn.  

Shenomenon's Kia McClain, was recruited on LinkedIn by Xberts Founder and CEO, Simon Huang to become a technology tester and influencer for his company.  Kia is one of a few people who have the honor of testing and giving feedback on IoT (Internet of Things) hardware devices and smart accessories before they go to market.  This opportunity has allowed Kia to get her hands on some of the FIRST technologies in the world, such as the first smart headphone in the world, the Vinci Smart Hearable.  

Without services like LinkedIn Profinder, this meeting and opportunity probably would not have happened.  LinkedIn is a powerful service and platform that many are missing out on simply because they are not using it!  The ability to share your expertise with other professionals is something you should never underestimate.  The opportunity to network and meet new people, create new relationships is the life blood of your business.  Profinder makes it easy to serve and find the talent you need to keep your business going!